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Keep Your Cool – 3 Reasons Why Your AC may not be working

For your comfort and safety all year round it’s important that you service your Mazda CX-5 regularly. Now let’s dig into the top 3 most common reasons your CX-5’s AC may not be working.

1. Refrigerant/ Coolant Leak - most common*

Most know to keep Freon levels in check. But a low flow of refrigerant will cause the system to overheat, and too much refrigerant will cause the system to freeze! Look for oily residue on the hoses that connect other components to find indications of this problem. If after adding more Freon the problem persists, the leak may be in the evaporator, condenser or hose.

2. Bad Compressor

A compressor creates pressure and powers refrigerant through to produce cool air. Everything revolves around it. A bad compressor can even affect your engine and RPM (engine speed) by placing additional load on these parts of the vehicle. Listen for a loud noise or notice when you feel warm air coming from the vents.

3. Dirt or Moisture Inside the System

If debris or moisture enters, it can cause refrigerant to decompose, the compressor to seize, freeze your expansion valves, and lead to air conditioner failure. The expansion valve controls the flow of refrigerant, and based on the temperature of the evaporator it matches the demand for cool air that is coming from the system. If there is an obstruction in the tube that allows the refrigerant to get the evaporator, it could cause the system to blow warm air.


These are all problems that if left unattended can become more dangerous and more costly to repair. Some of these problems can be avoided easily with regular maintenance check-ups.


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